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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Powder Alarm! Feb 12th Lofoten Islands.


I went out on a ski tour with fellow NAG guide Sjur Hauge today enjoying the fresh powder we have been waiting for a little while now. Our mission was also to do some test pit's and analyze the snow stability.  We are very happy with what we found overall and the skiing was great!  In the last 24-36 hours we have received a solid 40 cm of new well bonded snow in the mountains and its still snowing. We have a great base to the snow pack especially up high and we received allot of snow in this storm system. The long term forecast is calling for even more snow so it's shaping up to give us a great start for the ski season in Lofoten.  At 650m we measured an average of 250-270cm of snow and in some places my 300cm probe could not  even reach the bottom.

The high season for skiing in Lofoten is just starting and we have our second group of ski guests coming up this week.  We are exited for the forecast of continued snow fall for this week with low temperatures giving us the opportunity to get up on the bigger steeper peaks in the near future. We have a coastal snowpack and environment here in Lofoten and the snow at sea level comes in and out all season. So for those of you who has been  a little worried when seeing local web cameras with wet conditions. This usually means its snowing in the mountains and is a good thing. The season is officially started and we are really fired up for more skiing, even longer days, more Northern Lights and the amazing views the Lofoten islands has to offer.
Here are a few pictures from today. Get stoked!
At 650m we measured an average of 250-270cm of snow.  In some places my 300cm Probe could not reach the bottom!
Sjur enjoying the 40cm of light powder on the way down from Torskman.
Your Lofoten Mountain Guide signing out!

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