Sunday, March 28, 2010

Camp Lofoten 2010 Ski and Surf

This is a great video taken in our backyard here in the Lofoten Islands. Sverre did an amazing job of capturing this breathtaking landscape. Camp Lofoten is a great event bringing ski enthusiasts from all around Norway together for touring in the mountains and a good party....which I'm trying to recover from at the moment. We will be ski guiding in Lofoten for three more weeks in this ski mountaineer paradise then packing up and heading out to Alaska for some steep alpine climbing in the Alaska Range. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lofoten Island Ski Guiding

View from our apartment on the full moon. Kabelvag Hotel

Maren and I are fully settled in here in the small fishing/mountain town of Kabelvag. We are literally in the heart of the Lofoten Islands of Northern Norway. The skiing and climbing on the islands is limitless. The Lofoten Islands are not your average island chain.... the shoot straight out of the ocean into steep alpine terrain with a hundred meters from the ocean side. This terrain creates a Skier Paradise and allows one to ski from a steep summit directly to the ocean. Words can only express the beauty here to a certain level. Check the pictures from this last week.
We are guiding in correlation with NorgesGuidene here in Lofoten. Contact us to sign up for a ski adventure unlike anything you can imagine.

Traversing out before dropping in with the North Sea in the background.
Maren skiing great soft snow back to Kabelvag Hotel located on the Ocean in the bottom left.
Next stop...... the Beach!
Lofoten Powder!
The views are unreal in the Lofoten Islands.
Come and visit us and Stay tuned for more pictures and stories of skiing in the Lofoten Islands!